Apple iPhone 8 (2017): 7 Important Features You Should Know About

Apple iPhone 8 (2017): 7 Important Features You Should Know About

iPhone 8 (2017) Concept

7 Features of iPhone 8: That You Deserve To Know About

On the evening of 10th birth anniversary, Apple looking forward for a new model iPhone 8 that takes you to the next level of smartphone computing world. As per company flash back, it always gives better than better smartphone till date. Now the question is, can Apple full fill the dreams of his lovers by its upcoming iPhone 8?

Well, before going to topic let’s have a look to its predecessor. Apple has recently launched iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus world wide in  32GB, 128GB and 256 GB inbuilt storage variant. Both smartphones are powered by a A10 Fusion 64-bit quad core chip clubbed with LPDDR4 RAM and runs on latest iOS 10. iPhone 7 comes with a 4.7 inch retina display with 12MP rear OIS camera and 7MP front Camera. While, iPhone 7 Plus  comes with a 5.5 inch retina HD display with 12MP+12MP dual rear OIS camera and 7MP front Camera.

We know, Apple has launched iPhone 7 with basic features updates this year. So, Apple fans already started eye rolling to the next year model, the iPhone 8. Let’s know about the 7 killer features that Apple gonna implement on iPhone 8.

#1: Edge-To-Edge Display


As per latest reports, iPhone 8 will introduce all body glass both front and rear edge to edge display including home button and front camera integrated. It suggested to come with a 5.8 inch OLED diagonal display with (1980X1310) pixels resolutions at 401 ppi.

#2: No Home Button


Yes, Apple implemented a capacitive fingerprint sensor, which includes an electrostatic lens on it that was published by USPTO. Both the home button as well as the fingerprint scanner are integrated on the screen. That means you don’t need a home button to unlock the screen. But what about switching apps, invoking Siri and returning to Home screen ? Well, There will be a virtual Home button on the iPhone 8 towards the bottom of the device.

#3: Improved Camera


Apple has already put an impressive camera hardware on his iPhone series, the iPhone 8 is going to further step up the game by integrating an all new camera hardware. Apple does’t believe on count megapixels because an 8MP iPhone camera is far better than others. We believes, company will work on it’s dual camera set up.

#4: SuperFast Processor


Apple develops his own SoC (System on chips) and debuts on every new iPhones. The latest chip is A10 which runs on iPhone 7 and iPhones 6S runs on A9 chip.

A technology report claimed that TSMC had recently begun to tape out the design for Apple’s A11 chip and suggested the processor would be built on a manufacturing process called 10nm FinFET.

5#: Updated Operating system


Like, its processor Apple always updates its iOS on every latest iPhones. It’s the time for iOS 11 in iPhone 8. While, iOS 11 is not reviled yet but likely to be available by September 2017.

May be the Beta version of iOS 11 will be available earlier in June 2017.

6#: Wireless Charging


Many Android smartphone maker already offer the wireless charging features now the times for Apple. Apple is going to switch the traditional charging method to wireless charging features on it’s most popular iPhones starting from iPhone 8.

7#: Will Made in Israel


Apple’s second largest R&D facility in the world situated at Herzliya (Israel). A recent report suggested that  iPhone’s hardware such as chips, storage, cameras and wireless technologies are being developed in Israel for its upcoming iPhone 8 models.

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date in US and India:

Well, from several years Apple releases its iPhone in the month of September. So we expect that iPhone 8 will be release in September 2017 and will be available in October 2017 in India.

Apple iPhone 8 Price in US and India:

Actually it is very difficult to figure out the exact price of iPhone 8 at this point. But we can guess from its previous few models base price at the launch event.

  • iPhone 5s- $649 in US (Rs. 53,000 in India)
  • iPhone 6s- $749 in US (Rs. 62,000 in India)
  • iPhone 7-  $649 in US  (Rs. 60,000 in India)

So, now we can assume that iPhone 8 will be priced at around $649 USD (approx. Rs. 60,000 in India).

Finally, a question comes in to the mind is, Will iPhone 8 rule the world by its unique features? Let’s discuss about it in the comment section.


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    Great features…It’s definitely rule the gadget world. But I’ve a question. Now I’m using iPhone 6 and thinking to buy iPhone 7 Plus or I could wait for this one.


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